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Real Men (1987)

Real Men (1987)
Real Men (1987) Real Men (1987) 7 / 10 by 12 users
Title:Real Men
Original Title:Real Men
Director:Dennis Feldman
Writer: Dennis Feldman
Release: 1987-09-25
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 85 min.
Genre: Action, Comedy, Science Fiction

 Production Company:United Artists, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
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    Jim Belushi plays a super-competent secret agent on the trail of Russian thugs. John Ritter plays a milquetoast dad who gets mixed up in the caper. The story follows their adventures over the course of a week, in which Ritter develops some guts and Belushi gets in touch with his sensitive side.
    Nick Pirandello

    Characters : Nick Pirandello

    Actor : Jim Belushi

    Bob Wilson

    Characters : Bob Wilson

    Actor : John Ritter

    Mom Pirandello

    Characters : Mom Pirandello

    Actor : Barbara Barrie


    Characters : Bradshaw

    Actor : Mark Herrier

    Millard Cunard

    Characters : Millard Cunard

    Actor : Bill Morey

    Dolly (as Isa Andersen)

    Characters : Dolly (as Isa Andersen)

    Actor : Isa Jank

    Dad Pirandello

    Characters : Dad Pirandello

    Actor : Dyanne Thorne

    Woman in Bed

    Characters : Woman in Bed

    Actor : Suzee Slater

    Buddy MacGruder

    Characters : Buddy MacGruder

    Actor : James Le Gros


    Characters : Oaf

    Actor : Travis McKenna

    Produce Hawker

    Characters : Produce Hawker

    Actor : Buck Kartalian

    Woman in Park

    Characters : Woman in Park

    Actor : Barbara Bingham

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